The Danube, a Chinese Market and a bunch of dead people

For our first day together (because yes that’s different from my first day which I spent mostly with Jen) in Budapest, PC and I decided to explore the Pest side of the city, that is the castle side. It’s to nobody’s surprise that we ended up doing just NOT that. Instead, we ended up getting lost in a cemetery and then at an alleged Chinese market, after which we thought it would just be best to take it easy and have a little-turned-into-long stroll along the banks of the Danube.

That's my reaction to the whole thing.
That’s my reaction to the whole thing.

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{Field Report} A tale of a tiny village

We just got dropped at Meşeli, the village where we would be spending the day, in the morning, all eleven of us, at the mosque, one of the only two public buildings in the village – the other one being the village hall. A few seconds of confusion as I watched the kids decide on what they wanted to do. They had been assigned to survey all the houses in the village and despite it being a small one, with less than 300 people, it was still quite a challenging task to complete everything by 3 pm, which is when we were getting picked up. I ended up jumping on the surveying wagon as well since walking around on my own in a half empty village wasn’t going to be much fun anyway.

Greeted by sheep at the entrance
Greeted by a herd on the way

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{Field Report} A glance at Anatolian villages

These past two Saturdays, I spent the day not exactly in Ankara but technically speaking, not exactly outside Ankara either. She isn’t making any sense, you say? (Well, “she” rarely does make any sense to be honest). I joined some of the geography undergrads at university on their fieldtrip to some villages north of the city, still considered part of the Ankara Province – hence the above confusion. When I was invited to join the trip by one of my tutors, I leapt at the opportunity immediately especially since it was free and also it would allow me to see places to where I currently call home – my “dislike” for Ankara isn’t exactly unknown.

It's fieldtrip time!
It’s fieldtrip time!

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