Vegantastic Regensburg

It is undeniable that Germany is vegan mecca in Europe. I actually came back to Turkey more than a few pounds heavier after spending five weeks stuffing myself. No regrets. Amongst all the cities I managed to visit, Regensburg definitely stands out as the most vegan-friendly as compared to others. Yes, I’m looking at you Rothernburg ob der Tauber; pretzel and a jar of Bärlauch bread spread does NOT constitute dinner.

In an attempt to not starve this time, we made a stop at the shopping centre just by the train station – for a pee break initially – and to grab some lunch before exploring this beautiful medieval city somehow stuck in time. I always tend to lean towards Asian restaurants when travelling since I’m more likely to find something to eat, plus it’s yummy. So Vietnamese food at Quan Sen, not that I had any choice if I wanted something more filling than a plain old boring salad.

No it's not a salad. It's yummy glass noodles hidden by greens. Genius.
No it’s not a salad. It’s yummy glass noodles hidden by greens. Genius.

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An afternoon in Carlsbad

The first weekend of September was a cold one, at least in Germany. After a week spent in the blazing capital of Italy, this change in temperature was brutal. Sat in the comfy kitchen of PC’s parents by the heating wrapped in a comfy blanket, I don’t think I wanted to be anywhere else – although I hadn’t even wanted to come here in the first place (long story) – until PC’s stepfather proposed the idea of going to Carlsbad for lunch, which was just three-hours away and which also included crossing the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. For people living in the Eurozone, it might be normal to cross the border for their grocery shopping or fill up their car tanks but to this island girl, hopping to another country for lunch was certainly a whole new and exciting experience! Continue reading An afternoon in Carlsbad

Bat cull in Mauritius: the new feat of my country

Mark Twain said it all: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” It seems to be true, at first glance.

An idyllic tiny island with a favourable climate almost all year round, it appears to be this perfect holiday destination where you can lounge all day in the sun, drink coconut water on the beach and go for a swim in the clear blue turquoise water. However, behind this image of perfection that it’s selling, Mauritius, my dear country, as from last week, is responsible for a never ending bloodbath that is probably going to bring hell on this supposed paradise island that tourists pay shit loads of money to visit.

Flying liquid gold. Photograph by Jaques de Speville, on National Geographic

As of the 7th of November 2015, confirmed by a press communiqué, the fruit bat cull – mass murder –, as a urgent response to reduce the losses incurred by fruit farmers supposedly due to bats, had been officially implemented putting 18,000 endemic Mauritian fruit bats, or as their real name is, Mauritian flying foxes, in their natural habitats, even in the protested areas at risk. With a wingspan of about 70 cm and its fox-like face, the Mauritian flying fox (Pteropus niger) lives up to its name and is even described as ‘flying liquid gold’ due its fur colour. Until 2013, it had been classified as an endangered species after which its status was changed to vulnerable with an estimate of a few tens thousands now existing in the wild. Continue reading Bat cull in Mauritius: the new feat of my country

From a tiny island into the world, head first.


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