Why I bought a guide to my own country

In less than a month, I’ll be flying back to Mauritius to attend the family wedding of the year (yes, I know it’s only March and no it’s not my wedding) and amongst sorting out dresses and accessories – mainly via Whatsapp and Viber -, I also got myself a travel guide to Mauritius. Given, I’m only going to be in tropical paradise for only 10 days most of which would be devoted to running around like a headless chicken getting last minute wedding preps done, I’m also hoping to have at least a day or two to myself for some exploring (Dear bride-to-be, if you’re reading this, I still love you and promise to be at your beck and call whenever you need me – within reason.)

Overlooking the azure blue lagoon
Overlooking the azure blue lagoon

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Exploring my Backyard: The Art of Moving

By pure coincidence today, we ended up at a guest exhibition at the State Art and Sculpture Museum here in Ankara featuring the paintings of a Turkish artist, Ayşegül Poroy. The museum, or art gallery which is how I would call it, usually holds such exhibitions showcasing the work of local artists, although not much information is available to the public. Surprising when the entrance was free. I’d definitely have gone earlier, had I known about it.

The theme of the exhibition “Moving” is definitely one that I can relate to – and probably you as well – although my sort of moving involves only a backpack and no fragile-marked boxes, which is a prominent feature in her paintings. The composition of the paintings was definitely something that stood out and I loved all the vibrant colours she used. I checked the prices at which the paintings were selling and they were a killer – not that I’m surprised. I wouldn’t mind having one or two of these in my living room myself (if I had a living room, and money of course).

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Nicosia: Beyond the Green Line

I handed the customs officer my passport. Mere formality, I was told.  “You can’t go through,” she says in a heavily accented English. I was standing at the pedestrian checkpoint at Lokmacı, Lefkoşa(Northern Nicosia), hoping to cross to the south side of the Cyprus, the Greek side. What? I’d never been denied entry anywhere and was obviously quite taken aback. I immediately switch to Turkish.  “Niye?” Why? “Because you came through Ercan airport. They won’t let you through,” they being the Greek Cypriots.

2015-02-10 14.15.14 HDR
Welcome to no man’s land. The immigration checkpoint at Ledra Palace.

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From a tiny island into the world, head first.


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